This was written before full lock down came in on Friday 20 March so now please follow the advice stay home and self isolate unless you are a key worker or essential trips or work. The risk is to everyone so please protect yourself but moreso protect everyone else. One person could infect 2.5 people each that day... and that rate carries to 400 people in 14 days. Stay home and bring the statistics down to 1.5 infections. I will leave you to do the maths but clearly helps reduce the nightmare the NHS and healthcare staff are having to face every day in our hospitals.

Still follow the handwashing instructions and be careful of touching handles/bin/deliveries after others have handled.

Take care and Be Safe

Original post pre COVID19 Lockdown:-

Wondering about attending your yoga class? I understand the current Coronavirus is making folk feel vulnerable but I want to remind you that yoga does boost the immune system, and so worth the feel good element we feel from doing our yoga, pranayama and stillness. But only if appropriate. If you have any symptoms please do not attend and take care of yourself at home.

If you have any underlying health issues or share your home with someone at risk, I totally understand if you choose to not attend yoga as a precaution. Likewise you may feel its not where you want to be and that is fine.

Actions I and all of you should act upon please:

  • I am wiping all the door handles and taps across the hall and bathrooms before our class
  • and will sweep the floor if needs to be
  • We will spread out mats wider apart as to number of folk there
  • Bring your antiviral gel as I was only able to get antibacterial as all the shops and chemists I visited were sold out!
  • We all have our own mats which is big difference to gyms but be aware the halls are used by kids or  multitude of groups throughout the day so need to do the extra clean for everyone.
  • Please leave your shoes outside the main hall to reduce transference  

Wise to be cautious but hoping we will all keep well and safe,

I hope to see you in class, please email me if you are decided not to attend due to Coronavirus.

I am looking at possible online classes if we are required to stay indoors, which seems to be imminent. 

Be safe and well, and take the time to protect yourself, 



Ps Need cheering up? Do watch artist Daniel Kheirkhah give a wonderful mime to classical music washing his hands to beat the Coronavirus on Facebook

and this is great advice to support yourself through your diet. 

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Thank you to UNICEF for main picture of handwashing and thank you to cure joy's nature's antibiotics shared on Facebook 13/3/2020 

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