Give yourself the time to Retreat. Self care and body-mind maintenance. A morning or day just for you, enjoy your yoga with likeminded folk. Invest in yourself to re-set yourself, re-balance and let go of the daily hubbub to find that calm within yourself? Varying themes for morning or full day.

The Retreat

Give yourself a day so time to experiment and hone techniques that a weekly class just does not allow for. Many students describe the workshops as a rare treat, giving themselves some ‘me – time’. The groups are small and held in quiet locations with green space around.

Really delighted to be offering delicious food hand made by Sharon Allen. Full days we offer a fresh and nourishing lunch with salads and hot dish and complete day with a cake and teas. Mornings we have a wholesome tasty soup with scones. Let us know of any allergies or food intolerances so we can cater for your needs. All include refreshments.

1509 OH shoulderstands (2)
220422 gongs and candle workshop
Chakra Day with colour and visualisation
Spring yoga morning retreat
Inner Warrior find strength and stamina

Saturday Morning - 11 May Cumnor

Spring Retreat Morning

Re-boost your energies and connect

Moving into the Spring we boost our energies with flowing sequences and reset our intentions with focus on inner strength and self care. Yoga for you, deepen if you wish or ease back, working with how you are today. 

A rejuvenating Spring Yoga and Sound Bath Retreat to shake off winter dullness

Set your intentions for the longer days ahead. Flowing yoga poses and sequences we can celebrate the emerging spring with a freshness and joy. Work in this moment as we move mindfully, with options to deepen or ease back. Tracy weaves a sound bath to bring into full deep relaxation. She builds sound with her beautiful gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and percussion instruments to gently ground you back into the now. Carry this calm into your breath and meditation. 

Settle in from 9.45pm 
10am: Set your intentions with Spring in mind
10.15 Hatha Yoga poses & flowing sequences Hazel
11.15am: Sound bath: Sound relaxation with Tracy 
12.15pm: Breath work and stillness with Hazel
12.30am Nourishing light lunch

Saturday 11 May 2024 10am to 1pmy £65.00 (Early Bird £55 to11/4/2024)
The Old School Hall, High street, Cumnor Village OX2 9PE
Delicious fresh lunch made by Sharon Allen. Teas and tisanes available
Please let us know if need dietary or allergies. 

Saturday Day - 8 June 2024

Inner Warrior - celebrate your strength and ground

Define Yourself and Explore Your Boundaries and Inner fire

Your Inner Warrior - grounding and strengthening our intentions with the warrior poses
Centre and find your yoga foundation with the standing Vibhrasanas, or Warrior poses. Find which Goddess Warrior you resonate with today and design your intention by drawing on their strengths for some fun and subtle mindset or energy shifts. As always choice to strengthen or ease off, longer time for our Savasana, pranayama and seated meditation.
Yoga Retreat 10am to 4pm

Saturday 8 June 2024 10am to 4pm  £125.00 (Early Bird £99.00 to 8/05/2024)

Yoga Retreats through out the year ahead

Retreats with Hazel and special collaborations with guest teachers

Tracy Penny is a masseur and Sound healer. Hazel and Tracy have worked together since 2022 bringing you a deep immersive mornings of yoga and a full relaxation. Tracy trained in sound therapy and brings her full compliment of gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and a range of percussion. 

Marianne Thrower is a holistic masseur, Indian head massage and Yin Yoga teacher. Marianne and Hazel have worked together offering retreats in the UK since 2010.

Katie Chester is a holistic masseur and aromatherapist, face yoga teacher and sound healer with crystal singing bowls. Together we celebrate the seasons, using intention and creating your own essential oil product learning about the oils you choose.

For catering please let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements as we can cater accordingly. 

Mixed ability class so do get in touch if you would like to check workshop level suits you before booking? Or if you would like to chat about any health concerns or issues?

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Pop in your diaries

Coming up

Summer days and shorter to day to be added.

Saturday 12  October Autumn Yoga Day
Saturday 9 November Coffee Morning and Craft Fair for Cancer Charities 
Saturday 14 December Candle Lit Yoga Day

What would you like to be included? Themes or particular pose to work towards, favourite relaxation or breath work. Send your ideas and the session is planned around your choices!. 

Looking forward

The themes and styles of day grow and respond to your feedback and suggestions. Each session has a key theme which we can delve into with the longer time to enjoy going deeper with our asana and body work while fully in sync with our breath, emotions and energies with mindful movement, breath and meditation.

Have your yoga kit and bring extras to be comfortable and warm to lie in savasana with blanket, cushions and blocks/ bolster to sit in meditation

Friendly like minded folk sharing yoga
Yoga halls with space,  and time for pair work
Yoga halls with space, and time for pair work
Delicious handmade by Sharon Allen
Delicious handmade by Sharon Allen

Retreats are held in my regular halls in Oxford and outside in Cumnor village.

Venues and Directions for Yoga Retreats and Workshops


The Old Headington Village Hall (was Parish hall)

Tucked away on Dunstan Road, Headington, OX3 9BY, just across the road from Ruskin College. Advantageously the garden here is great for al fresco yoga allowing for our summers though. There is parking and additional 2 hour parking further up on St Andrews Road (Changes from Dunstan to St Andrews where links to Osler Road as T’ junction).
Plenty of space in car park and bike racks, local buses City8, 280 and Brookes1 to Headington shops; and bus10 to JR hospital with longer walk across site.

Cumnor Old School Hall

Seems so far away yet just outside the ring-road. Our regular home for yoga and workshops. The Old School Hall,  is at High Street, Cumnor village, OX2 9PE. Just up the hill from Botley on the west of Oxford or come in to this delightful village from A420. The stone hall is in the centre of the village on the high street, part of the same building it is at the back of the post-office/general shop with ample car-park shared with the church. Entrance is at the back from the car-park, come in and straight ahead to the double doors.
Oxford Bus no.City4 (destination Abingdon) or S9 (destination Wantage).

Cumnor Old School mat ready

Extend your Yoga Workshop into a Weekend away

Easily create a whole weekend around the workshop, and stay in the city of Oxford or discover the lovely countryside around Oxford? Please email and I can suggest some B&Bs or hotels. Thinking you would like to attend one of these or have a suggestion for a future workshop please get in touch.

Meditation and Yoga Workshop

Always the regular Yoga Workshops all include some meditation but there is an opportunity for a morning workshop just focused on meditation. This introduction will offer gentle movement to warm up and exercises to enhance different postures for meditation. Breath is the basis for meditation & we will look at different themes to develop your meditation upon: concentration, working with chakras, mantras and/or simply silence.