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Hatha Yoga Workshop Saturdays

Hatha Yoga Workshop on Saturdays are a great way to deepen and enjoy your yoga. Each session has a different theme as the focus of the day. Held in local venue, all light and open rooms to enhance the days escape.

The Workshop

Give yourself a day so time to experiment and hone techniques that a weekly class just does not allow for. Many students describe the workshops as a rare treat, giving themselves some ‘me – time’. The groups are small and held in quiet locations with green space around. Check out each venue and directions lower on this page.“Walking away we should only leave footsteps in the sand”.

1509 OH shoulderstands (2)

Yoga Workshop Saturdays in 2019

Each Saturday is 10am to 3.30pm Bring lunch to share, hot and cold drinks provided. Yoga Workshops are £60 with handouts included.

Saturday 8 June - Cumnor

Summer Celebration Yoga Longer Class

This Saturday is now a 2 hour long class,

Come and indulge in a full class with longer relaxation and meditation. Teas/Tissanes of fruit squash available from 9.30am, do come and settle early.
10am to 12noon £20
We celebrate the coming summer with a focus on positive energy. Coordinating the breath with movement, discovering how our intention can alter a pose and give us more. Allowing the pose to resonate rather than just a body shape. Using the power of words, you will choose or write your own affirmation and a mantra to use on the breath. 

Sunday 9 June - held in private house

Reiki Level One Training Day

Please get in touch to discuss your suitability for the Reiki training. The day includes the history of Reiki, group discussions, how to use the natural healing energies while protecting your own energies.

Full details on Reiki Healing page.

Yoga Day 28 September - Old Headington Hall

Late Summer ~ Bringing strength to our yoga

2 hour of Yoga to renew and revitalise.  A flowing day of sequences, that feeling of being grounded as we lengthen with the warrior poses and find lightness as work with gravity. Handout and workshop included £20
11am to 1pm Teas/Tissanes /cold drinks from 9.30am

Two hour allows a longer session with Mindful sequences and  breath-work with time to recharge and enliven mind and body with longer relaxation.

9 November 2pm Cumnor Old School

Beginners Introduction

A gentle class introducing the key poses and sequences. ideal for first go or easing back after a break away. Great way to feel condifent to then join a regular classes. Learn basic poses and how to create strength and limber. Plus vital tips and the 'rescue' poses to undo work or postural issues.
2pm to 4pm Teas/Tissanes /cold drinks from 1.30am to answer health questionnaire, borrow mat if you need to. 

Two hour slow moving class with gentle breath-work plus relax and enliven mind with relaxation and mindfulness.

9 November - Cumnor

Autumn Energies

Moving into Autumn with warming sequences and heart opening asanas to deepen our breath and draw more energy for poses we often miss in weekly classes. Lead visualisation helps us relax deeper bring cushions or bolsters to support the spine and head in supported fish pose. Morning includes pairwork and sequences with breathe or pranayama and meditation.
10am to 1pm.  Teas/Tissanes/cold drinks from 9.30am Come and settle in early. Handouts to take home. 

14 December - Cumnor Old School

Candle Lit Yoga

A calming day of yoga with candlelit. Escape the Pre festive hustle and bustle to unwind and centre with flowing sequences and unravel favourite poses. Moving into poses deeper with pairwork. A longer relaxation with aromatherapy to ease into deeper Sarvangasana, allowing the body to soften and release. Pranayama to open our breathing and calm the mind for stillness. 
10am to 3.30pm. £60 Bring Lunch to share, Teas/Tissanes/cold drinks from 9.30am Come and settle in early  

Days yoga workshop. Mindful sequences and  breath-work with time to recharge and enliven mind and body.

Pencil in now for next year

Dates for your Diary 2020

Details of the Hatha Yoga Workshop day

The days are 10am to 3.30pm but also offer half days. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. Do bring a light lunch to share, kitchen available, fully equipped with oven to warm food. Please phone 07931 743785 or email from Contacts page for booking forms and full directions. Wear usual comfortable stretch friendly clothing but maybe easy layers to allow for the changing tempo of the class. Please bring your mat, blanket/towel and cushion and an open mind! Likewise any yoga equipment you have, though I have some to lend. Some equipment available for purchase if would like your own blocks, belts etc. You are advised to eat (ideally two hours before class) a small breakfast to be comfortable when working with asanas.

Pear Trees or Vrkasana pose Marsh Baldon workshop 2004

Workshop 2004:- Pear Trees at Marsh Baldon and Student shows great quad stretch of pigeon pose

Saturday Venues and Directions for Yoga Workshops

The Hatha Yoga Workshops are held in different halls, each with their own character in and around Oxford. This local landmark the shark is just off the main road in Headington!

Hatha Yoga Workshop

The Old Headington Village Hall (was Parish hall)

Tucked away on Dunstan Road, Headington, OX3 9BY, just across the road from Ruskin College. Advantageously the garden here is great for al fresco yoga allowing for our summers though. There is parking and additional 2 hour parking further up on St Andrews Road (Changes from Dunstan to St Andrews where links to Osler Road as T’ junction).

Cumnor Old School Hall

Seems so far away yet just outside the ring-road. Our regular home for yoga and workshops. The Old School Hall,  is at High Street, Cumnor village, OX2 9PE. Cumnor is just up the hill from Botley on the west of Oxford or come in to this delightful village from A420. The stone hall is in the centre of the village on the high street, part of the same building it is at the back of the post-office/general shop with ample car-park shared with the church. Finding the entrance is at the back from the car-park, come in and straight ahead to the double doors.

Hatha Yoga Workshop

The Horspath Hub

The Hub Community Centre, Horspath Village, OX33 1RP

The former chapel is a lovely space to enjoy yoga. As you drive from Oxford, from ring road take Horspath Road, you leave behind the Cowley Mini Factory and industrial area and shortly come into fields and countryside. Coming into the villlage, (becomes Oxford Road) you can park in the village hall carpark on left &/or continue round the sharp bend the Hub also on your left with the village green to your right. Parking on Manor Farm road, best to park on the shop side.

Extend your Yoga Workshop into a Weekend away

Easily create a whole weekend around the workshop, and stay in the city of Oxford or discover the lovely countryside around Oxford? Please email and I can suggest some B&Bs or hotels. Thinking you would like to attend one of these or have a suggestion for a future workshop please get in touch.

Meditation and Yoga Workshop

Always the regular Yoga Workshops all include some meditation but there is an opportunity for a morning workshop just focused on meditation. This introduction will offer gentle movement to warm up and exercises to enhance different postures for meditation. Breath is the basis for meditation & we will look at different themes to develop your meditation upon: concentration, working with chakras, mantras and/or simply silence.

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