Yoga allows strength, flexibility and balance to optimise our health and wellbeing

Teaching is about a love of Yoga and seeing folk grow in strength and vitality. Classes vary each week with themes and focus to keep us all fresh and moving forward. Yoga offers such a breadth of poses, sequences, breath, relaxation and meditation for body, breath and mind.

Hazel's yoga journey began as a teenager in school & later became vital after developing back pains post car injury. Yoga can support you, whether regaining strength after the lockdowns, find you need to balance your demanding job or just moved locally and like a class in your area to belong to. Do come and try a class and find the best version of yourself. Standing taller, breathing deeper and a more settled mind with a 90 minute session to develop, challenge and nourish you.

Almost to smile and keep my eyes open!

Hazel Faithfull

Yoga Teacher and Foundation Tutor

Hazel completed her teacher training in 2004 and like us all sees this as an ongoing journey of learning. She regularly tops up her own Yoga and teaching techniques, and Reiki Healing working, with tutors across the UK and Europe.

Hazel is pleased to share teaching and meditation with her local peers at Satsangs. Meetings to share and debate yoga themes, philosophy and current news in Yoga, wellbeing and health circles.

In 2004 qualified in British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma with Maarten Vermasse, at the City Literary College London. Became Foundation Tutor July 2014, BWY training at Leicester University. Regular CPD and training days with leading yoga tutors and both Health and Philosophy talks keep Hazel inspired and challenged.

BWY South and Local Yoga

It is rewarding to share teaching and ideas in articles written for the National magazine Spectrum and local South newsletter. Read the latest article published in Downloads, March 2020.

The BWY, for over 50 years, continues to promote high standard of teaching yet integrates diverse styles on offer across UK. Hazel held the voluntary role of Oxfordshire County Representative and enjoyed time with local folk and coordinating training and events, 2009 to 2012.

Doing our bit for our Planet. Do walk or cycle to class if you can, I drive to bring yoga to your local hall. Each hall is doing it's best, Deancourt recently added solar panels and Old Headington is a changed place since upgraded insulation and roof structure. Timers and thermostats have synchronised new more efficient boilers in Cumnor and Headington.