Just published! My article ‘How to keep our yoga fresh’ written to inspire students and yoga teachers is available in the British Wheel of Yoga Spectrum Magazine Spring 2020.

Looking at different themes we can draw on  like the seasons, events and campaigns that resonate with yoga ideas or creating a fun theme to inspire the session.

What is Yoga?
Facebook does have some good resources if you can trawl through the cute cats/dogs/kids and seriously questionable humour! At the end of term I found a perfect quote on Facebook.

I designed my class around the idea that when a 4year old is tickled on a shoulder they react with their whole body joining in. Limbering in cat: the 4yr old squirms and wriggles with pleasure as tickled. Draw a figure ‘8’ with your hips in Cat?

Overcoming their embarrassment, adults found it liberating to enhance the Animal sequence with sound: tapping their Rabbit feet on the mat; a sharp hiss & miaow in Cat & Hollow cat; long woof in Downward facing dog, and far too realistic spit in Camel pose! We then did ‘slow karate’ with moving sequences and strong   Virabhadrasana 2, while shooting arrows with a sharp exhale. The joy & laughter in class was delightful. I was able to expand this theme with it being mental health awareness week and link the benefits of laughter and how it stimulates deeper inhalation with our intercostal muscles working overtime.

Read now in full article: Find a new angle for interest. How to keep our yoga fresh by Hazel Faithfull.

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