Hope you are all doing OK, and finding time to enjoy some gentle yoga even in the extreme heat of this week but take it softly and work with easy smooth breath.

Joining yoga online? Do set yourself up with cool water and if you can keep the room dark so not too hot for yoga. We will have a calmer class but be mindful if you feel a bit dizzy just pause. Keep your legs a bit wider in child and keep head raised and move slowly. I have classes running through August so do drop in or get in touch to discuss which class might suit you best as different levels although all are mixed ability Hatha Yoga classes:
Monday 9.30am and gentle class Wednesday 9.30am
Tuesday 5pm and more dynamic 7pm
Pay with secure purchase at my website.

Tips to keep cool
Wear fitted by loose clothes, linen is more cooling and we don’t mind crinkles and creases in yoga, just check doesn’t restrict your stretches. 
Close curtains and windows to shut out sun in day and throw open and let air when cooler at night. Have water in a bowl to evaporate into air for moisture. 
Have a towel to hand to wipe slippery hands/feet or use body powder, I like the Baby powder with calming chamomile. (one advantage no smell online!)
Have a flannel cooling in the fridge (or keep it on a ice block) to lay over eyes in relaxation.
My rescue remedy is the White tea facial mist or available in Frankincense.

You can buy now the Organic Baby body powder and White tea facial mist from my Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic, free direct delivery with orders over £40 or get in touch to add your items to my weekly order if local to Oxford so I can pop round next week. 

Frances shared her iced coffee

  • 200ml strong black coffee
  • 50ml Milk 
  • Ice

Make a 200ml cup of black coffee following pack instructions, then allow the coffee to go completely cold. Pour into a blender with the milk along with 2 or 3 handfuls of ice, then blend until smooth and foamy.

Pour into a chilled tall glass and serve.

Feeling naughty, add maple syrup if needing a sugar hit. 
Recipe from bbcgoodfood  June 2016

Feeling utterly naughty? Headington Coco Noir Chocolate shop does espresso coffee poured over ice cream! Avoid too close to yoga as you’ll be wired! Do support local small businesses if you can in Covid19 they have to work double hard and many support our hardworking NHS and local charities.

Take care and Stay Safe

Hazel Faithfull


Photos: Thank you to Kris and Frances for photo and recipe
Please share a photo you have taken great to have inspiration for calm in yoga or a seasonal recipe?

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