Find inspiration with comments about Hazel’s teaching recently and some tips if you are new to yoga at the bottom:

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful class tonight: it was just — exactly and perfectly — what I needed. I am so grateful. Namaste"

Helen Oxford - Online

Email 16 March 2020

I thought it worked remarkably well and I loved being able to see the flowers and the lamp/candle in your yoga studio as they made it feel less 'virtual'. Thank you so much for finding this way to offer yoga at a time when it's so needed. 

Jane Oxford- online class

Email 26 March 2020

“Hazel’s classes are helping me to become physically stronger  and create a wonderful sense of calm to bring to everyday life!"


Headington April 2019

"I just wanted to thank you for introduction [of] me to yoga. I may not get to class but you be pleased to know I do half an hour every day in the evening. Remembering the move universal twist rabbit, downward dog Can do shoulder stand much better but never master head stand ...I hear your voice as I’m doing it... As life is so hectic it’s so nice to have half hour to ones self and thoughts so Hazel thank you. xx"

June Wheatley

Facebook March 2020

“Hi Hazel, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed today’s class. The mix of poses, longer holds and the challenging crow at the end really helped my attention.”

A in Cumnor

Text Jan’19

“Hazel’s class is great whether you are a beginner or been to yoga for years. She really mixes up routines and the 1.5hours flies by!"


Oxford April 2019

Having not been to yoga before, I found the class easy to fit into and Hazel was great at managing my novice attempts & quickly got me up to speed.


Headington April 2019

"You will wobble, and think you can’t do it, but take your time, you’ll get there."


Cumnor April 2019

"Work at your own pace but don’t be scared to push it a bit."


Headington April 2019

"I always thought I was the most inflexible person, and through yoga i have built flexibility and strength."


Oxford April 2019

"You make yoga so happy and friendly. One day if I can be a regular pupil I will seek you out. until then I will wobble alone.”


Headington May 2019

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful class tonight: it was just — exactly and perfectly — what I needed. I am so grateful."

Helen Oxford

17 March 20

Find a online class that suits you, mixed ability at 5.15pm class, or strong 7pm and beginners Wednesday morning. Not sure then ask by email contact page.

A little yoga regularly is great

If you can’t make any yoga classes do continue with some yoga at home, a little often is a great way to build your strength and flexibility. Even if only some Cat poses and stretches start your day fitting in your body comfortably and ideally practise a moments stillness, maybe now before your read on, here’s how:

Take a sigh ease your shoulders down, the shoulder blades melting behind you, lengthen up from your sit bones and encourage your breath to be full and smooth. Keep your minds attention on the easy rhythm of your breath arriving and your breath leaving. Allow the eyes to close or soften gaze downwards as you take a mini break from the confusion of thoughts, schedules and to do lists our grey-matter like to spin around our heads.

				<![CDATA[Yoga on Monday evenings]]>

Yoga in Oxford in Headington and across in Botley and Cumnor

Brisk walk or cycle is great to warm up ahead of your class. Several people car share so do ask.

Need to borrow a mat do ask. Good to bring a blanket or towel, wear comfy layers you can peel or add with tempo of class, and bottle of water.

This local landmark is the preserved Windmill in Wheatley. A great walk across Shotover and round to one of the cafes if you want to make the most of the light evenings?