Angels of Light Cards for reflection and meditation


Angels Of Light cards by Diana Cooper for reflection and Meditation. Each of the 52 positive cards gives us a thought provoking theme to reflect on. Larger size with box creating stand to display daily card upon.
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These are the wonderful Angels of Light cards by Diana Cooper that we can use as a tool for meditation.

This is the larger size which has a stand incorporated to set your chosen card on display 115mm by 80mm. 

One of my favourite lines encourages us to seek joy and laughter:-
“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”

Each of the 52 Angel Cards included in this deck represent a different Angel quality, and can be used for guidance, inspiration and affirmation. The cards will help you tune in to the higher vibrations of the Angels, and allow you to feel the helping hands of these beings at all times. Following the inspiration of the Angels will raise your consciousness, which will automatically help you attract to yourself people and situations of a higher vibratory level and release old negative thought patterns. Carry these cards with you wherever you go and use them to remind yourself of the presence, guidance and help of the Angels in your life, always and everywhere. You are never alone or lost when the Angels are with you.

How to use:-
It is best to shuffle, cut the pack, and spread into a fan shape, then with your eyes closed choose your card with your left hand. The card chosen so often resonates with what is happening in our life at this moment, and gives us a thought provoking theme to meditate upon.

Larger size(115 x 80mm ).
52 Angels of Light cards by Diana Cooper in cardboard box.
Image of Angel on reverse with text on front.
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