Tuesday 9.30am Online Yoga 8 December


Zoom online Yoga live session with Hazel.

Please set up your laptop/phone so I can see you to give advice and tips during the class. This is only for confident students who have experience of minimum 6 month’s of yoga classes. Get in touch to chat through if suits you or any health concerns or conditions needing modification. 

Mixed ability class with options to deepen your yoga or ease back.

Tuesday 9.30am to 11am, join from 9.15am to settle in and check Zoom is working! 

Thank you for joining yoga in your space where-ever you are !

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Yoga Zoom online joining live session in hall with Hazel

Tuesday 8 December log on for 9.15am to start at 9.30am to 11am Tuesday morning. Check your space is clear and room to easily move. 

Thank you for joining us. 

Upon receipt I will email the Zoom details and password for yoga at your front room. You are joining the live class in now our new home in Cumnor Village hall.

Mixed ability with modifications and alternative postures as needed or chance to deepen with more challenging options.