For the moment, with the uncertainty with Covid19, I will continue teaching with my current students that wish to attend their regular class. Providing you are well with no symptoms of the virus, and are not in the 'At Risk' groups. With reduced numbers we can spread the mats further apart, I am cleaning the handles, taps etc across the hall and bathrooms but please wash your hands upon arrival and bring your anit-viral gel or wipes to look after your feet and hands. As we all have our own mats that reduces threat of contamination. I am looking into using an online platform if we are no longer allowed to meet up at the halls.

Once this is over I look forward to welcoming new students... Want to find a counterbalance for your other sports; Need to fit in with busy schedules or travelling? Yoga can really help us gain balance and strength with flexibility, start 2020 with two feet on your mat. (or borrow a mat and see how like it!).

MIxed ability both cheaper term fee or Drop in when work/life allows:
Wednesday 6.45pm Deancourt community Center, Botley

Stronger Termly classes
Tuesday 9.30am Old School Hall, Cumnor - 1 space
Tuesday 7pm St Anthony of Padua, Headington Oxford - 5 spaces

First steps and new to yoga? Whether a novice or lapsed; Beginners and more gentle paced classes, termly or drop in
Tuesday 5.30pm St Anthony of Padua, Headington
Wednesday 9.30am Old School Hall, Cumnor

Always welcome to try and see how class is suitable and give Hazel a call or email for full details.


Our theme Giraffe Free and limbered Necks – we share 7 vertebrae with our long necked friends Giraffe!

Do text or email to let me know you are joining the yoga classes. Hire a mat @ £2 for charity if you don't have your own but bring your towel/blanket for padding in poses and warm in relaxation. Do come early to talk though any tips to ease back into yoga &/or especially as a beginner?

Yoga Classes have own page for each location with directions and local information to inspire you. Do ask to be on the waiting list if your local yoga classes are currently full.

Fees for Yoga Classes

Join the block classes to enjoy a constantly changing selection of asanas with easier and harder options to suit how you feel here and now. A one and half hour classes allows time for moving, relaxing and brief pranayama and stillness, Working in friendly good sized groups, with an experienced teacher you can gain the most from your weekly class. Try to arrive early so you can settle, we start promptly which gives time to pack up comfortably and head home at end.

Day time classes:
Term varies but usual Twelve week term is £126.00, or half term eg 6 weeks £69. Drop in available for Wednesday (and possibly Monday but check space) Cumnor is £14.00. Payments can be made by cash or arrange BACs payment thank you.

 Evening classes:
eg Usually 12 or 13 Week terms, eg. 12 week £132.00. Can pay to half term eg 6 weeks £72.
Drop in £15.00 Tuesday 5.30pm Headington
Drop in £14.00 Wednesday 6.45pm Deancourt Botley

Cover teachers

Occasionally through teaching or training commitments (& rarely for illness) I need to ask teachers to cover the yoga classes. These teachers are all BWY  or YA qualified and usually teach a similar Hatha Yoga with flowing sequences. I enjoy their teaching so hopefully you will too, sometimes a different voice or explanation can radically help us improve!

Positive words and affirmations can improve our mindset and mood

 Experience yoga as the quality of attention,
rather that the quantity of minutes you have practiced,
and you might find that you have lost track of time altogether.
Quote by Julie Rappaport 2009

So many folk have found this calming and have benefited in times of stress or difficulties. Read this mantra or affirmation on the breath from Thich Nhat Hanh:

” Breathing in ~ I calm my body,
Breathing out ~ I smile.
Breating in ~ I dwell in the present moment,
Breathing out ~ I know it is a wonderful moment.”
Book: Joy of Meditation as Nourishment

Quietly chant or silently say the words as you slow your breath. Invite self reflection and contemplate on Harmony equality and well being for all. This Buddhist Monk asks us all to be mindful, open our hearts and help create peace for all.

This Bird of prey stayed in perfect stillness New year 2009 Photo. copyright K Brown, Dahab, Eygpt

“Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something
Sometimes one creates as significant impression by remaining silent”

Quoted from ‘Dalai Lama’s Book of Daily Meditations’.


What to expect

In all Hazel’s courses students will be working with asanas (postures), pranayama (breath) and meditation. Students work at their own pace and ability. The benefits of Yoga are increasing flexibility and strength; and becoming aware of posture. It can help reduce symptoms of asthma and a range of ailments from creaky joints, digestive issues and poor posture.

Please bring a cushion & blanket or throw (and if you have one, a yoga mat) Wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch & move in. All are welcome, new comers please let me know if you are a beginner or if you are working with any ailment. One student put Grumpy on the health form, which hopefully went into remission as Yoga helped loosen her tension and lower stress levels.


Are you a complete beginner daunted by group class, returning after an extended absence or needing to take it gently with an injury? A private one to one class is a great introduction to yoga and focus on your individual needs. A one to one can build your confidence and opportunity to learn adjustments or different poses before you join a group class. Also if you would like to refine your yoga practise at home a private class can fine tune your understanding of the complexity yoga can offer. You might find the BWY explanation useful before your first class: What happens in yoga classes.

Ushtrasana: Camel and easier Half Camel version

Difficult poses like this strong back bend can be softened with a variation safer for stiff backs

It is possible to join classes throughout the term. Let me know if you have any conditions that need a bit of care or modifications, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, back ache and many more. In most cases we can adapt postures to suit, rarely need to sit out certain things and usually find techniques that can ease or help maintain your lifestyle to be as healthy as possible.

If you would like to know more about any of the weekly classes please contact me if you are interested on 07931 743 785.

“It is the concrete, specific awareness of one’s own act of moving which is so satisfying.
Something more is needed than simple body mechanics, that the feelings hidden in the body, the source of all its movement, must be involved.”

Quote by Mary Starks Whitehouse, speaking of Authentic Movement though equally applies to yoga and mindfulness

Pear Trees or Vrkasana pose Marsh Baldon workshop 2004
Pear Trees or Vrkasana pose Marsh Baldon workshop 2004

Tradition of Charity and Yoga

When I am away or training through the year there are opportunities for BWY student teachers to teach a class and each class has generously donated to a chosen charity. Thank you to everyone’s support. Its great for them to have feedback so please do forward any comments to help them grow & teach.

In 2018 our Student teachers with each class, chose great local charities. Children Rehabilitation service; MIND and the Air Ambulance. We also ran two lovely coffee mornings and Satsang in the Autumn. Lots of support baking cakes and helping run the coffee mornings and joining a lovely group for seated meditation or Satsang. We raised money for Maggie’s Centre and local hospice Sobell house both attached to our local hospitals in Oxford.


Other Classes

Private one-to-one, or small yoga classes. Private Sessions to improve and deepen your yoga practice. This will be tailored to a student’s needs, starting from scratch for beginners; rekindle home practice for those of you who have lapsed or Yogi/Yoginis wishing to develop your asanas or pranayama. 1 hour £60.00; 1½ hour £80.00.