Cumnor Yoga is currently full but welcome to join the Saturday retreats if you have yoga experience?

There may be some spaces to join the summer holiday classes if you are visiting Oxford in July and August. Drop me an email 

Yoga 90minute Mixed Ability Morning Classes

Yoga in Cumnor

Summer yoga dates to be confirmed

So sorry classes are currently full and unfortunately the Wednesday class has now closed with the Botley road closure making life just too complicated to arrive easily.

The Morning retreats are held here if you have good experience of yoga. The longer three hour sessions with lunch give a lovely opportunity to escape the busyiness of life in the charming Old School Hall. Upcoming dates.

Why choose Yoga?

Whether you are wanting to learn yoga as a balance to your other sports or activities, coming to yoga for the first time, or wishing to ease back into yoga after a busy time with work, family or life commitments then do get in touch for when a space comes up.

There is online yoga on Monday's 9.30am hybrid from live class, and 6pm from my home.

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