Headington Yoga – classes on Tuesday evening

Headington Yoga classes New Year 2019 has begun but welcome to join now.

Tuesday Classes: 5.30pm and 7pm

Join yoga and invest in a new healthy you with Headington Yoga. Do text or email to let me know you are joining the 5.30pm yoga. More experienced then there is a couple of spaces in 7pm faster moving class which is termly commitment. No Classes in half term. Restarts Tuesday 4 June to 2 July 2019 inclusive.

Summer a merged class usually runs through the summer holidays. I will poll students for interest and update which evenings are running.

Space to drop in or join 5.30pm this Spring

Tuesday 5.30pm to 7pm

Mixed ability class with modifications if needed

asanas, moving sequences & some pair-work

includes breathe work, relaxation and stillness

Try first class £10, Drop in £15

join Later class, at 7pm can still join us now as spaces for rest of term

7pm is more dynamic mixed ability

The Foundation course is also based in here Headington and in Cumnor. The next course will be New Year 2020.

Headington Yoga
Headington Yoga

St Anthony of Padua church hall 115 Headley Way, Headington OX3 7SS.  Parking is available at church but also possible to park in side roads as restrictions stop at 5.30pm. If possible please walk or cycle if you can as good warm up for yoga.

Hatha Yoga Workshop

Headington Yoga

We are full on Friday Mornings, 10am Old Headington Yoga class is a great class to start the weekend! Do enjoy yoga to stretch out and let go of the week before you set off for your weekend.

Driving up this is side view of hall, parking to right side of tarmac against fence please. Space to park a couple of bikes out of the rain inside lobby.

Come and find this quiet corner of Oxford. The Old Headington Village hall is tucked away on Dunstan Road, Headington, OX3 9BY.

Headington Yoga workshops

Treat yourself to day of yoga in the peaceful Old Headington Yoga space at the village hall. Workshops held here on Saturdays in summer months.