Wheatley Yoga Class

I am so sorry due to misunderstanding with the hall bookings this is now cancelled. Having taught here for the last three years it is no longer viable with too many clashes in the timetable and the Parish council prefer the main hall. If you wanted to rejoin me do email and i can let you know if space comes available in my Headington class or we start a 5pm class too.

Get in touch if you would like drop in for a summer classses in Headiongton: Tuesday 6.30pm is running through the holidays and just four Fridays.

See summer programme

Restart full classes from Monday 18 September. Do text or email to let me know you are joining the yoga.

Email now to join the waiting list: contact page.

With our busy schedules and changes in work or home-life spaces to join the class do come up. Welcome to join Wheatley Yoga as a beginner or come back to classes after a longer break away! Try the first class for £10, and then decide if you would like to sign up for full block or just pay drop in. As always the classes vary each week and offer easier or build to harder versions of poses.

Yoga pose for now?

Why not build your strength with the plank pose. Align your hands directly under your shoulders and make a straight line, using your tummy muscles and the pelvic floor to balance on the toes and balls of your feet. These are your core muscles: the tummy or abdominals and the pelvic floor is known as Mulabandha in Yoga. Vital to support our spine and posture! If too hard start plank on your knees & hands. To make it harder and build the arm strength gently dip your chin towards the floor by bending the elbows.

Directions for Wheatley Yoga


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALocal landmark, The preserved Windmill in Wheatley.