Yoga Oxford Classes Timetable

Yoga Oxford classes in the city and surrounding villages. Mixed ability classes, beginners welcome.

Welcome to join, spaces are available for summer classes. Drop in £13 for these 1.5hour mixedability classes:

  • Morning Classes
    9.30am 25 July & 29 August Old School Hall, Cumnor
  • Tuesday 9.30am 1, 8, 15, 22 August Village Hall Leys Road, Cumnor
  • Friday 10 – 11.30am 21, 28 July, 4 August and 1 SeptemberOld Headington village hall, Dunstan Road
  • Evening classes
  • Tuesday 6.30pm St Anthony of Padua. Headley way just next to JR roundabout:
  • 18 & 19 July, 1, 8. 15, 22 & 29 August
  • Wednesday 19 July and 2 August. 6.45pm Deancourt Cummunity Centre, Pinnocks Way, Botley
  • text or email to let me know you are coming. Hire a mat @ £1 but bring your towel for padding in poses, &/or cushion if more comfortable.


For September we begin Monday 18 September.
Tuesday 9.30am Cumnor and Friday 10am Old Headington Parish Hall, Oxford:  Welcome to join the waiting list for these popular classes.

Tuesday 5pm St Anthony of Padua, Headington
spaces to join this class in September

Wednesday Deancourt community Centre, Botley. Mixed ability class at 6.45pm, space to drop in.

Yoga Oxford Directions on each class webpage.

If you cant make a regular class then a workshop is a great way to keep your yoga inspired and enjoy group dynamics in an all day class. There are also treat to escape for a midweek escape at halfterm for yoga and relaxation in the Quaker Retreat centre in Oxfordshire.

Tree pose in Italian Retreat

Tree pose in Italian Retreat 2014

This is the wonderful yoga room in Italy come and join us in June 2016