Reiki Healing

The gentle Japanese system of hands-on Reiki healing. It is a deeply relaxing experience while working at a profound and energetic soul level. Reiki is a wonderful tool to work alongside traditional medicine and encourage the body to heal itself. Learn self healing techniques with Level One training day, or if you have already completed Level One and been practising for at least 6 months then develop with Level Two later in the year.

hands with light Hazel studied with Naomi Lewis in London and achieved the Master level over the year’s training and self development. This healing system has been the springboard for Hazel’s own spiritual path and she has received very positive feedback from clients.

In this gentle, non-invasive healing system the client lies on a massage table or sits in a chair, whichever they feel is more comfortable. The client is fully clothed and the Healer places her or his hands upon or just above the body in the aura. The first session is 1½ hours, and usually a further one or two 1 hour sessions are booked, depending on the client’s requirements. Hazel is currently able to offer Reiki healing sessions in Oxford. Please ring for availability. 1½ hour £60.00. 1 hour £45.00;

Reiki healing attunements and training Reiki can help develop students’ spiritual journey, while giving them the tools for self healing at level one. The level two enhances the gift of healing with sacred symbols so that students are able to confidently share healing with others and to send distance healing. Hazel will be running workshops for students to train to Reiki level one and two. Her first two Level III students graduated, following their years’ training, as Masters in Autumn 2012.

Reiki Level One – Wednesday or Sunday in Oxford

The day’s workshop includes the history of Reiki, group discussions, how to use the natural healing energies while protecting your own energies. Each student will receive the attunement and a manual to work with and take home. The day will include a vegetarian lunch and hot and cold drinks throughout the day 10am to 4pm at £110.00. The day completes with other students joining you to practice for the afternoon and feedback over tea/coffee and cake. Please phone or email if you are interested in joining the day’s training or joining the waiting list if a Wednesday doesnt fit your schedule.

Reiki Level Two – tbc New Year 2015

The next Reiki Level Two Attunement and training will be in the New Year. This day is for my existing students and open to anyone holding a level One. The second level repeats the sacred ceremony of attunement to further awaken and enhance your chakras and open the healing channels. Today teaches you the ancient symbols and how to incorporate to empower your Reiki healing and into every day life. We introduce distance healing techniques,the hands on healing sequence and other techniques, and importantly self protection. The group has time to discuss and practise techniques. The workshop is 10am to 4pm including lunch at £110.00.

If you would like to join a Reiki Share monthly meeting. The Share is a great introduction if you are thinking of coming to a Reiki One training day. The group will open with a meditation and chakra opening circle. We then give each other healing sessions with time to chat over tea and cake. A small donation is requested for venue costs.

IMG_0056 Reiki healing is all about gentle caring good intention. Give yourself a burst of self love, put your hand on an area that feels in need of tlc, tender loving care, such a achy shoulder. Feel the touch of your hand and focus upon a colour and/or warmth or cool as needed to the area. If you can’t reach such as small of back then use your imagination sending the energy to that difficult spot with hands comfortably resting on your legs or shoulders. If you are nervous or anticipating a difficult appointment or maybe just feeling a little low then sit comfortably or stand in wide easy stand: try some slow breaths to calm and steady aware of the seat or floor, and then imagine breathing in golden light lifting your spirits and energies.