Yoga to Revive and Relax with online usual weekly Classes

Be well in these tricky times. Come and join me online for the usual 1.5hour class. Move, breathe and find stillness with mindfulness where you are roll out your mat. Different levels of yoga ability to choose.

Yoga Classes Online in Oxford

We can continue with the online classes to enjoy a constantly changing selection of asanas with easier and harder options to suit how you feel that here and now. A one and half hour classes allows time for moving, relaxing and brief pranayama and stillness, Working in friendly sized groups, with an experienced teacher you can gain the most from your weekly class.

Fitting yoga around work shifts, family and life juggles of self isolating?

Drop in via Zoom Online is available so do come to classes when you can. Different level classes so join a faster moving group with options to challenge or choose a more gentle class with more modifications.

Yoga in Oxford

Regular classes with safe distancing, usual one and half hour Yoga classes of mixed ability. Enjoy your yoga with mindful focus, full relaxation and using our breath and stillness. Join from wherever you find yourself with online if shielding.

Online Interactive Join Zoom classes and join live with Yoga In the Class Room

There will limited spaces due to covid19 social distancing thank you. Get in touch if you wish to rejoin in your hall or start new?

Online available: Tuesdays for those wishing to shield Full Zoom classes.

Tuesday 5pm Mixed ability, options to deepen or challenge Book Now
interactive class on Zoom, from my yoga space.

Tuesday 7pm Mixed ability, options to deepen or challenge Book Now
interactive class on Zoom, from my yoga space

Online joining the live class: Tuesday 9.30am and Wednesday 6.45pm Book Now


Getting back in the halls for Autumn '20

With restricted safe in the halls with safe distancing there is oportunity to join us live via Zoom. There are a couple of spaces to join gentle mixed ability class in Cumnor on Wednesday 9.30am.

Need to shield? for now the Tuesday evening classes stay online. Get in touch to join these dedicated online classes if you continue to shield

Closed Classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings move to the halls.

Introduction to Yoga Session or learn with one to one

Thinking about starting yoga? Why not find your yoga feet with a smaller group all beginners or easing back into yoga after a lapse.

Beginners Introduction 2pm Saturday 26 September Book Now

I also offer a private one to one session. So begin with your own class at your pace from my home. A private one to one online 90 minute class will be designed for you and your fitness and health needs. Ideal if needing some remedial work to ease back from an injury, or build your strength and benefit your other sports. Or overdoing things in lock-down? Yoga give you a great stretching out from running or cycling and enjoy the non competitiveness of yoga after other sports!

Drop me a line to book your session and get started!

One to one class we can introduce the key poses and sequences, ideal to try first and then join one of my classes or another teacher online or when restrictions lift join a class in hall locally in Oxford or where you are in the world? Get in touch to discuss what you need from your yoga.  We can arrange time that suits.

For all classes I will need you to complete a health questionnaire and includes pdf handouts to help you get started with zoom.

Need support in these tricky times do join at a reduced fee for Tuesday 5pm and Wednesday 9.30am classes. I will continue to offer reduced spaces to those that need them as I always have, when we return to the halls.


Weekly classes are all now Online

Students are guided to learn and work in poses safely, with adjustments given as needed according to their abilities and time needed to progress with their strengths & weaknesses. Hazel offers classes tailored to different needs, developing more flexibility and mobility for creaky bodies; meditation for those under stress; or encouraging stretching for those training with weights.

Yoga Workshop includes pairwork

Saturday Workshops

Looking forward to life returning after lock down. For now Stay Safe and Stay Home for everyone's health. Do a little yoga if you can, keep moving and find a moments stillness: allow your mind, body and breath to connect.

Saturday Workshops are a different theme held monthly. Held in different halls to make the most of open spaces for al fresco yoga if summer weather allows or move to the snug yet light and airy rooms for the colder season.


Yoga Holidays

We will return to the lovely mountains in the South of France for daily morning yoga and afternoon sessions, pranayama and meditation. Great home cooking with fresh local ingredients. Time to walk, dip in the pool or relax and read. Come and join us 


Handpainted Bone china details are on About Hazel page. Kiln has been snoozing while house-building dust wasn’t ideal for the bright colours but is now cleaned off ready for new orders.

Unable to make a class? Hazel’s CD of Yoga and Relaxation is now on sale, for postage in UK or pick up in class.
Do read the articles and useful tips for beginners in Download
or follow the Blogs.

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