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Yoga and Relaxation CD by Hazel Faithfull Gentle introduction to breathing, movement and lead relaxation with visualisation to follow.

Collect from a yoga class just £10. (Botley, Cumnor and Headington, Oxford)

Pay for  CD with delivery to UK and channel islands address.
Please email address and let me know if you would like a message if sending as gift for handwritten note to be enclosed. 

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Unable to attend regular classes or want to begin simple yoga and relax then do purchase Hazel’s CD with booklet.
Recommended:- “Hazel’s voice helps me calm and sleep more easily” June, Marston

The Yoga and Relaxation CD’s content is:

  1. Welcome
  2. Exchange of air
  3. The Animal Sequence Yoga poses flowing together in time with your breath.
  1. Relaxation Tense and Release Lie in Savasana (the corpse pose). Guided relaxation followed by 6 minutes of gentle sound and a reminder to allow yourself to relax. Cymbals are rung, to lead you back to full awareness.
  2. Pranayama Instructions for simple ratio breathing.
  1. Nadi shodana The breath technique of alternate nostril breathing. NB with Covid19 we are advised not to touch our faces so maybe just visualise breathing in through the nostril and don’t use hand to compress nostril closed
  1. Sitting Practise Sitting in stillness, a technique that leads to meditation practice.
  1. Mantra Meditation using words in time with your breath.
  1. The Garden Full relaxation using a lead visualisation, to help you create a tranquil place to relax.

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